Theatrical Profits and Expenses, 1511

In 1882, Jacob Larwood published a brief account of the expenses and receipts for a Medieval theatrical performance. It is one of the few pieces of evidence we have from this era which shines some light on the practicalities of technical theatre in general, and prop production specifically. In a roll of the churchwardens of … Continue reading Theatrical Profits and Expenses, 1511

Shakespeare for Community Players: Furniture

The following is taken from a chapter concerning prop-making in “Shakespeare for Community Players”, by Roy Mitchell. It was originally published in 1919. The information suffers from being both 90 years old, as well as being written for amateurs. Still, it is useful for some tips and tricks, as well as its historical value. I … Continue reading Shakespeare for Community Players: Furniture

A skull for Hamlet

From The Truth about the Stage, by Corin, 1885 (pp. 53-57) Chapter 2: Stage Traps and Pitfalls – Stage Properties Now, throughout the whole range of dramatic literature, there is no play easier to produce than Shakespeare’s noble tragedy of “Hamlet.” In the most wretchedly-appointed theatre an old green baize, a rampart set, a palace … Continue reading A skull for Hamlet