Stage Sounds

Stage Sounds by Harley Vincent Photographs by George Newnes, Ltd. (originally published in The Strand Magazine, 1904) Suppose some reader of The Strand were to ask, “What is a wind-machine?” how many persons in an intelligent audience would be able correctly to answer the conundrum? Yet how often have they, in some thrilling drama at … Continue reading Stage Sounds

First use of “Property” in the theatrical sense

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the use of the word “property” in the theatrical sense first appeared around 1425 A.D.  In the prologue to the play, The Castle of Perseverance, the second flag-bearer announces to the audience: Grace, if God wyl graunte us, of hys mykyl myth, þese parcellis in propyrtes we purpose us … Continue reading First use of “Property” in the theatrical sense

Taking photographs of your work

If you really want your portfolio to shine, you need good photographs of your props. Taking photographs during a rehearsal or show is another topic entirely; in this article, I’ll be talking about taking photographs either in the shop or backstage. Blurry and Grainy Pictures The biggest problem and complaint about bad portfolio pictures are … Continue reading Taking photographs of your work