My name is Eric Hart. I am a professor of Stage Properties at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.. I’ve built props for Broadway, off-Broadway, opera, regional theatre, retail display, trade shows and more. You can download a PDF of my resume and look at my portfolio.

“Prop Agenda” is a showcase of all the various parts of prop making and propping a show. It has been online since 2009. There’s everything from how-tos and showcases of props,  to information and stories about the history of props throughout the world. If you really like it, you can sign up to receive updates on the sidebar as well, either through email or an RSS feed.

I have written a book titled The Prop Building Guidebook: for Theatre, Film, and TV. It was published by Focal Press in February 2013, and presents information about all aspects of prop making for both amateurs and professionals. I’ve also written for Stage Directions, Theatre Design & Technology, and Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts.

If you want to contact me for any reason, my email address for this site is 

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Making and finding props for theatre, film, and hobbies