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A Wall of Posters

Berkeley Rep is currently working on a new musical based on Green Day’s American Idiot album. The set will include massive walls completely plastered with band posters and fliers. On her blog, Lisa Lázár explains where these posters are coming from:

We all met up in front of a punk club in Berkeley (which is credited as being the place where Green Day got its start), and ripped posters off off telephone poles.

A lot of the posters on the set are being printed and photocopied by the scenic artists, but a good percentage is being augmented with found objects. Earlier this month, she actually put a call out for such posters:

Could you go out in the next few days and tear down some show posters, and mail them to me?

We’re covering the gigantic walls of our upcoming show with this sort of thing, and we would like as many real posters as possible.

Propping a show occassionally calls for finding an obscene amount of  one specific item. It always requires getting creative and thinking outside the box to avoid spending your entire budget.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Lisa’s blog for more great stories and tutorials from the world of scenic art!

The People Who Prop Up the Shows

The People Who Prop Up the Shows, by Davi Napoleon, is an oldie but a goodie. Though written in 2001, it still has a lot of great information on a number of the top prop professionals and how they got into the business.

photograph by Eric Hart
photograph by Eric Hart

Some of the names in the article have been mentioned before on this blog. Jim Guy, the propmaster of the Milwaukee Rep, was highlighted in my Milwaukee Rep’s Prop Shop post.

They also showcase the Berkeley Rep prop shop. I looked through my archives and was stunned that I haven’t written about them yet. Not only does the Rep maintain a wonderful blog, but the prop shop regularly contributes all sorts of behind-the-scenes articles.