Types of Props

Illustrated Categories of Props

Types of Props
Types of Props

I’ve made a diagram to better illustrate the various types of props. My listing of the categories of props will better define all the terms used in the picture above.

4 thoughts on “Illustrated Categories of Props”

  1. …But where’s the picture of Jerry dressed up as Luke Skywalker on the Mantel?…

    Just kidding — this is great.

  2. I, and many other prop masters, would consider animals to be the responsibility of casting. If it eats and breathes, it’s an actor. Unfortunately, many production managers do not see it that way. Since a prop master is in charge of providing artificial animals, they reason, they are also in charge of real animals. Personally, I agree that a prop master should not be in charge of animals, and should you be placed in that situation, I would argue for hiring a distinct animal wrangler.

  3. Thanks, Ron. I should’ve added some fun props, like a Christmas tree that loses all its branches on cue.

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