How to Draw an Ellipse

I have three new videos up on my Prop Building Guidebook companion website. Two are on painting techniques (spattering and sponging), while the third shows a quick method for drawing an ellipse. I’ve attached that below. My book comes out next Tuesday, so that is it on the videos for now. But if you want to request a video for a specific technique, or demonstrating a certain tool, let me know, and I’ll see what I can put together.

2 thoughts on “How to Draw an Ellipse”

  1. Hi I am trying to figure out how much a prop we sent over to Romania for the movie “Cold Mountain” would be worth. It is the plow the Jude Law plowed with. thank you

  2. Hi Linda,
    You will want to track down someone who can accurately appraise your item. The value of film props varies greatly depending on how integral they are to the film, how unique of an item they are, who was involved in the project, as well as the condition of the object itself. One of the more well-known appraisers is Joe Maddalena at the company, Profiles in History.

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