End of May Links

Bill Doran has a new video up showing how to pattern and construct a helmet out of craft foam. He also has a new book out on building armor out of foam, and if you buy it before this Saturday, you are entered into a contest to win the helmet in this very same video I just shared.

102 Wicked Things To Do is a cool blog with all sorts of tutorials on prop and costume craft-related projects. It took a bit of a break for a year or so, but it’s back now with some cool new projects on wire jewelry–making and papier mache wolf heads.

F Yeah Theatre Sets and Props is an interesting Tumblr site filled mostly with photographs of sets and scenography from productions around the world. But they are very pretty and inspirational photographs.

Finally, here is a page with pictures and descriptions of every full Godzilla suit used in its 60 year history. Because Godzilla.