Friday Links of the Week

The Geeks With Wives podcast interviews K-Tee, a prop maker who has built props for films from Harry Potter and The Dark Knight, to the upcoming Edge of Tomorrow. I follow K-Tee on Twitter, and the props she gets to work on makes me jealous.

Here is another podcast called “The Prop Shop”, dealing with the world of props in cosplay. It has been releasing episodes since last November and looks interesting, though I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet.

Here is an interesting critique of the movie The Help framed as a letter to the props master (the whole website uses this shtick, writing letters to various crew members as a way to review the film).

The Hollywood Reporter has a short obituary for Anne Sidaris-Reeves, who did prop work on films such as The Goonies, Edward Scissorhands and Father of the Bride.