Friday Rehearsal Reports

First up is a video with Laura Wilhelm, the prop master at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre in Minnesota. In this relatively short video, she gets a chance to show off some props from previous productions, talk about what her job as a prop master entails, and highlight some props from their upcoming production of Fiddler on the Roof.

In this video, Billy D’Ambra, the prop master for NBC’s Chicago Fire, talks about some of his challenges providing props for a show that strives for the utmost realism in medical and trauma-related details.

Tested has spent the last several weeks chronicling the build of a Needler Gun from the Halo video game series by Volpin Props. Now that the project is complete, they have a great post condensing the entire project into one fantastic read. They even have a video at the end showing Harrison Krix in action.

Jesse Gaffney has a neat trick showing how to make slice-able cheese and sausage that can be reused from performance to performance.

I know this trick, but I figured since Popular Woodworking is printing it, other people may want to know about it: how to drill straight and square holes when your material won’t fit on the drill press.