Monday Click-a-Link

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson closed last night, Merchant of Venice froze last Thursday, and Winter’s Tale freezes tonight. For the first time since January, I’m not working on more than one show at once. Whew, that was a long year. I’ll be making more in-depth articles for this blog now that I have my nights and weekends free again. Until then, here are some great links to keep you busy:

  • Go Make Something – 160 how-to articles about paper crafts and altered art
  • Ask a Crafter – Pretty self-explanatory. Lots of questions and answers about adhesives, fabrics, sealants and any other materials related to crafting.
  • Thistledown Puppets – A lot of studio and process shots of this foam puppet-maker’s projects.
  • Gourmet Paper Mache – Dan the Monster Man has lots of videos and photographs of the papier-mâché creatures he creates.
  • Dark Side Creations – Lots of tutorials, tips and tricks of this DIY prop and monster-maker