Props a’Plenty

Hi everyone. I am doing a Reddit AMA this Monday on the Tech Theatre subreddit. So head on over and ask me anything you want about working in props or writing books and such. You’ll be able to post questions all day, and then from 7-9pm (EST) I’ll actually be answering them.

The BBC shows us how the Old Vic used to make thunder back in the eighteenth century. It’s very good, isn’t it?

NY1 heads north of New York City to see how Hudson Scenic Studio builds sets for Broadway. I went up there a few years back, and it really is an impressive facility.

Everybody’s talking about that bread in Star Wars: The Force Awakens; it turns out, it wasn’t CGI. In a new video, Neal Scanlan reveals how they made the trick work. They don’t have any behind-the-scenes video of the setup, but he gives a good enough description that you may be able to make one yourself.