Twas the Week Before Christmas

Though there’s only one more week until Christmas, you still have enough time to order The Prop Building Guidebook for that special prop maker in your life!

Frank Ippolito has a post out called “Blame the Maker, not the Material“. He reminds us that many of the more complicated materials – resins, rubbers, laminates, etc – have so many specific variations, that you cannot expect consistent results if you use them in a different manner than expected. Or if you substitute brands when following directions. These materials are manufactured to do what they are meant to do, and if you are not getting the results you expect, you are either using the wrong materials or using the materials wrong.

Now this is street theatre: La Machine brings massive mechanical marvels to life, free to roam the streets around the world. François Delarozière is the artist behind these gigantic moving contraptions, such as a 50-foot spider or Da Vinci-esque elephants.

Michael Gump is an LA-based prop master for TV who has spent the entire year making a new disguise every day. He posts the photographs to Instagram; it’s great to see all the various objects he has stuck to his face.

Make Magazine has 8 clever jigs for your workshop. Some great ones here for making perfect corners or for adding a bead to your wooden furniture.