The Prop Building Guidebook

Happy Book-iversary

Can you believe my book has been out for a year now? The Prop Building Guidebook: for Theatre, Film and TV was published last February with some heavy anticipation, and it has only gotten more popular since. I have two book-related items I’d like to share.

First up, if you are attending USITT in Fort Worth this year, check out my book signing on Thursday, March 27 at 4:30pm at the USITT Booth on the Stage Expo floor. That’s during “Stage Expo only” hours, so you won’t be missing anything else. You can bring your own book or buy it there; last year, we sold out in two days, but this year, there should be plenty to go around.

Second, I want to hear from you! The response to the book has been overwhelming. The past year has seen reviews in Make Magazine, Theatre Design & Technology, Lighting & Sound America and Choice, as well as reviews online from Geek Insider, StageBitz and Debbies Book (check them all out at my reviews page). You may have seen my book at the various KCACTF conferences, World Stage Design in Wales or the North Carolina Maker Faire.

But while you can read the reviews and see my book, I don’t get to see your reaction to it. I’d like to know more about how my book is being used and where. Are you a teacher or student using it in class? Do you work in a shop and have it near by? Or does it live on your workbench? What’s your favorite part? What’s your least favorite part? Is there anything you were hoping to see in my book that it didn’t have?

Go ahead, shoot an email to I don’t mind getting emails from people I’ve never met. I try to answer all of them, even if it takes awhile. If you like, you can even send a photo of where my book has ended up (and post it to the book’s Facebook page if you want).

The Prop Building Guidebook
The Prop Building Guidebook

2 thoughts on “Happy Book-iversary”

  1. Congratulations, Eric!

    Your book has been infinitely helpful in my journey of becoming a props artisan! Thank you so much for your work, and good luck with all your future endeavors as well!

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