New Source of Blood, 1828

The following comes from an 1828 newspaper article. I’m guessing this sort of thing is frowned upon these days:

The following anecdote is told of a certain irritable tragedian. He was playing Macbeth, and had rushed off to kill Duncan, when there was no blood for the Thane to steep his hands in. “The blood! the blood!” exclaimed he to the agitated property-man, who had forgotten it; the actor, however, not to disappoint the audience, clenched his fist, and, striking the property-man a violent blow upon his nose, coolly washed his hands in the stream of gore that burst from it, and re-entered with the usual words, “I have done the deed – didst thou not hear a noise?”

“Tragedy.” Eastern Argus [Portland, Maine] 24 Oct. 1828: n. pag. Elon University. Web. 14 June 2017.