front of the cannon

A New Prop for Shakespeare in the Park

Here’s a quick sneak preview of one of the props I am building for one of the shows in this summer’s Shakespeare in the Park.

Cannon barrel

Try to guess what it is before looking though all the pictures.

cannon process photo

We had to buy the wagon wheels from a place that makes custom wooden wagon wheels with rubber tires.

cannon handle

Other than the wheels, everything else on this prop has been made from scrap materials, cutoffs and found items around the shop.

cannon underside

“But Eric,” you say, “not everyone is lucky enough to work in a shop that has that much scrap material laying around.”

cannon brakes

Which is partly true, but it’s not because of luck.

front of the cannon

It’s a mix of budgeting in extra materials for every show, organizing your shop so you have spaces and places to store odd scrap, and keeping a close eye on the dumpster for good pieces of trash from other departments (particularly scenery and building construction).

plastic shield

So have you guessed what the prop is yet?

A cannon

(Hint: It’s not a lunchbox).

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