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Interview with Christopher Haig

The following is one of several interviews conducted by students of Ron DeMarco’s properties class at Emerson College.

Christopher Haig, Prop Master, Arden Theatre Company

by Rachel Gallagher

Photograph by Tom Stanley
Photograph by Tom Stanley

“One of the key jobs on any film set is that of the property master, and his range of activity is perhaps the largest of all. If it ‘moves, it’s mine,’ the prop man can say, on most occasions.” People who Make Movies, by Theodore Taylor, 1967.

Being a prop master is a job where a person is in charge of getting and handling all props for a show. Properties, or “props” for short, are all the items used on a stage or set from hand held items to furniture. The job is very important because props really help tell the story and tell the audience more about what is happening in the play. There could be any number of props a prop master would have to be in charge of, from one to hundreds. These prop masters are some of the most important people on set and without them, propping would be chaotic. These people are invaluable when working in the theater. I had the opportunity to interview Chris Haig, an experienced prop master in Pennsylvania, about his work in the prop field. Continue reading Interview with Christopher Haig