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Interview with Adriane “Binky” Donley

The following is one of several interviews conducted by students of Ron DeMarco’s properties class at Emerson College.

Adriane “Binky” Donley

by Sarah Patterson

Binky Donley
Binky Donley

Adriane “Binky” Donley began her career at the University of South Florida. She received a Bachelor’s in Arts degree in design, but realized quickly during her education that she liked to do a little bit of everything. She started working in props, taking any classes she could within the small department she was in, and working in summer stock theatre and regional theatre for extra experience. Because of the limited amount of props classes she was able to take, she found that she had to immerse herself in the field to receive an education in props. She worked in the field for three years and later decided to get a higher education. She decided to get her Masters of Fine Arts in Properties Design and Management at the North Carolina School of the Arts. At the time, NCSA was one of three schools in the country that had a props program and Binky was lucky enough to be a part of it. Continue reading Interview with Adriane “Binky” Donley