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Friday Link Roundup

I’m just finishing up tech for Compulsion, so until I have time to write again, here are some great links to keep you busy.

  • CBC News did a small feature on Jimmy Chow, the prop master on Tron: The Legacy. It’s an interesting look at how a movie which looks extremely computer-generated still involved a lot of actual items for the effects.
  • This is actually a PR release rather than a news story, but Airsoft is making more realistic guns for Hollywood. They’ve long been popular with prop masters because of their affordability and light weight; now it seems the company is recognizing that market and making more realistic replica models and custom orders. Of course, Airsoft weapons remain illegal here in New York City, so it’s pretty much a moot point for us.
  • There’s a great thread over at The Replica Prop Forum about the best and worst comic book costumes in TV and film with some great (and horrendous) photographs.
  • Finally, my brother pointed me to the Lovely Package blog. Exquisite photographs of exquisitely packaged things.