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Talkin’ ’bout Props

What Does a Prop Master Do? A Conversation with Elisa Malona – Elisa Malona is the head of props for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  In this great interview, she talks about how she got started in props, how her career led her to The Tonight Show, and some of her greatest successes and fails in churning out crazy props on a daily basis. You can’t see it on any of the photos, but my book is sitting on her bookshelf.

The Prop Master Behind ‘Arrested Development’ – Supporting Players - Now the story of a prop master who had everything. In this short episode of “Supporting Players,” we visit Todd Daniels in his prop truck while working on the set of Arrested Development, which recently finished filming its fifth season.

Glossary: Dunsels, Nurnies, Greebles, Gundans, and Fuidgets – Christopher Noessel goes into the history of these terms, used to describe various decorative details on models, sets, and computer screens in sci-fi films. If you delve deeper into the history of design and art, you can see these are all just modern forms of diapering, which is the use of decorative patterns to break up a plain surface.

How Altered Carbon’s costume designer created the fashions for its futuristic world – Sure, it’s clothing, but it is so futuristic it may as well be props. Right? Ann Foley talks about the design and fabrication of the outfits in this new sci-fi series, including the hard armor of the Praetorian Guards.

Props is Tops

American Theatre has highlighted 6 Theatre Workers You Should Know, and one of them is props designer Noah Mease. Yay Props!

Brandon Alinger at Prop Store has a fantastic history on the making of the Dewback creatures from the original Star Wars film. Some of the photographs detailing their fabrication are being shown here for the first time.

This link is almost ten years old, but I just found it, and it’s a good one. The forums at RC Groups have a ton of information on working with foam in terms of sculpting, gluing and coating. This thread has collected dozens of the most useful sites in one place.

The Stan Winston School had a Halloween Costume Contest. Check out the photographs of the winner and several runner ups. They will convince you that your homemade Halloween costume is shameful and you should just give up forever.

Make Magazine has a quick tutorial on making molds for jewelry. It shows how to make molds out of vulcanized rubber, which is not a process you see much in prop shops.