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Saber saw vs Jig Saw

Last week, I delved into the history of the tool we know as the jig saw. Now some of you may know this saw as a “saber saw”. I have heard many theories to explain the differences: “A saber saw can rotate its front while a jig saw’s is stationary”, “A jig saw is bigger and more powerful than a saber saw”, and even “saber saw is the correct term; jig saw actually refers to a scroll saw”. Are any of these correct? Just what is the difference between a jig saw and a saber saw?

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The First Post

I started this blog for several reasons. The first is simply that there are no other real prop blogs. At least, none that I can find. And I’ve looked. I like reading blogs. I wish I could read a blog about props a few times a week. Since I can’t, I figured I’d start my own.

The second reason is that I’m working on a book about props. This blog is a way to gather my thoughts, practice my writing, and discuss things that won’t make it into the book.

Finally, I’m presenting a paper at the next SETC Theatre Symposium on props. I thought that would be a great thing to cover on a blog, and I’d like to have this well underway by that point.

Feel free to send in anything you think is of interest for this blog. Prop stories, pictures, and how-tos… if you have a portfolio you wish to share, or pictures of your prop shop or storage… if there are any books, magazines, or articles you’ve read online that you wish to share… whatever it is, send it on in to eric@props.eric-hart.com.