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Sculptural Link-o-rama

Today I’ll be sharing some links that have to do specifically with sculpting. I’ve been feeling the itch to do some sculpting lately, and found these sites useful and inspiring, so perhaps you will too.

The website for Pop Sculpture, in addition to a blog, also features a short but really cool step-by-step pictorial showing an action figure being sculpted, cast and painted.

Here is a phenomenal step-by-step look at sculpting and painting a creature maquette by a ConceptArt user called Smellybug. Oodles of photographs illustrate each phase of the whole process. He has another great (but still unfinished tutorial) for a creepy baby maquette, as well as quick guide for sculpting realistic wrinkles in clay.

Finished "Stabby" creature maquette
Finished "Stabby" creature maquette

Dan Perez is another great sculptor who has a series of step-by-step process shots of various sculptures on his website, as well as a number of tutorials on sculpting, mold-making and casting.

Finally, take the time to see what Randall Rosenthal can carve from a single piece of wood. It blows my mind.