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Interview with Rick Ladomade

The following is one of several interviews conducted by students of Ron DeMarco’s properties class at Emerson College.

Rick Ladomade: The real ‘Modern Family’ man.

By Georgia Foor

Rick Ladomade
Rick Ladomade

When first getting assigned Rick Ladomade, I was excited and nervous all the same time. I’d seen him in videos, and his work all throughout TV and Films. His work stretches from commercials and films such as Sinatra, Rising Sun, and In an Instant, to TV series such as ER, Miami Medical, Hawthorne, Twisted, and Modern Family. I honestly didn’t think I was even going to get a response, but I emailed him anyway. To my surprise, Rick is one of the kindest, most helpful people I’ve ever encountered. Who else would email a complete stranger, much less a college student, back for a class assignment? Only Rick would email me back within a day or two, every time. He was truly wonderful to talk to, and a great introspect into the world of props in film and television. Continue reading Interview with Rick Ladomade