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Monday Link-o-lastic

Welcome back from Thanksgiving (if you went somewhere)! Here’s a quick round-up of some new sites I’ve found.

  • Letters of Note – These are some great scans of old historical notes and letters. Besides the sheer fascination of exploring them for their own value, they are also a great source of historical typography, paper styles, and other details of ephemera.
  • Square America – Vintage snapshots and vernacular photography. What sets this apart from other vintage photograph sites is how it tags them by the contents and decade, so you can quickly search for useful images.
  • The Daily Scrapbook – A collection of scrapbook pages. It’s great to see some well-preserved ephemera which is usually thrown away, though it’s hit or miss what you’ll run across.
  • How to Use a Handsaw – The Art of Manliness has a nice post illustrating the various types of handsaws and how to use them.