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Friday Link-a-dink

It’s time for the first round up of links of the year.

  • Matthew D. Jordan pointed me to two of his sites. The first is a scenic-shop blog. I know some of you who work in smaller theatres have to do both scenery and props, so you’ll find it interesting, but even those of you who focus more specifically on props can still find some crossover in the topics this blog covers. His second is a Stagecraft Wiki. Like Wikipedia, this is a site you can edit and write yourself. The only way for a site like that to grow is for everyone to add a little bit of their own knowledge and tell their colleagues to check it out as well.
  • Do you like old-timey blueprints? How about the blueprints of Monsieur Eiffel and a little tower he designed*?
  • The New York Public Library has a few pictures of furniture from the Ancient World. Exotic!
  • BAFRA has an article on how to furnish an eighteenth-century bed. Naughty!

Until next time!

*That would be the Eiffel Tower.

Technical Direction Tidbits

I found a new blog on technical direction for the blogroll. Technical Direction Tidbits is written by L. Jean Burch, a project manager at Chicago Scenic Studios. She has been working on this blog for over a year and a half now, so there’s a ton of information to be found. She has a category dedicated to props, but since there’s a lot of overlap between props and scene shops, the other categories are worth exploring too. And last Tuesday’s post was about this blog.

Another post of note is on custom printed fabric. My fiance just ran across this same company, Spoonflower, which will custom print fabric for $18 a yard. She’s been trying to find the perfect tablecloth fabric for our wedding, but has had no luck even after perusing numerous stores in NYC’s Fabric District. If we test this company, I’ll be sure to post the results, as it seems it could be very useful in the right situation.