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The God of Carnage “Gag”

Every so often, a new play hits the regional theatre circuit, and it seems that every prop master in the country is trying to solve the same problem. A few years back, that play was God of Carnage, and everyone was trying to make an actress projectile vomit on stage. l came across a few well-done videos showing how various theatres have solved this gag (no pun intended).

First up is Florida Repertory Theatre. Their TD at the time, Chris Simpson (now, coincidentally, the TD here at Triad) takes us on the backstage journey to show how it was done:

Next up is Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. Props master and fellow SPAMmer Anna Goller works with TD Troy Brizius to make the vomit flow:

Finally, we have Tyler Axt at the Nashville Repertory Theatre showing how they made the vomit fly:

Last Post of the Summer

I just wanted to let everyone know that this blog will be going on hiatus until August. I am working on editing my book right now, as well as driving to Santa Fe to work for a few weeks, followed by a quick trip to Italy. I figured this blog could take a break for a few weeks so I can spend as much time on my book as possible; you’ll thank me when it comes out.

So enjoy the following links until then:

The New York Times has an interesting article on prop maker Doug Wright. Wright just finished working on Tom Cruise’s codpiece for Rock of Ages. He works on the weird and completely unique props that pop up in TV and film every now and then.

The Washington Post ran an article about the fake vomit in Signature Theatre’s production of God of Carnage. If you are working on that show, prop master Aly Geisler gives away all her secrets.

Jesse Gaffney adds her two cents to the ongoing debate of whether to call yourself a props designer or a props master.

If you have ever wondered how to prep your wood joints for gluing, here is a pretty definitive answer on the subject. Short answer: the joints should be sanded smooth, but not polished.

Have a good summer, everyone!