39 Steps chandelier

Making a Giant Chandelier

The set for 39 Steps at Triad Stage was reminiscent of an old vaudeville theatre. One of the focal points was a massive chandelier overhead. I knew we could never be able to afford to buy a five-foot diameter chandelier, and even if I could find one to rent or borrow, transporting it would be difficult. So I figured we would just spend the time making one.

39 Steps chandelier
39 Steps chandelier

The design of the chandelier made construction simple; it was just three rings with beads of crystals draped between them. I found rolls of garland with acrylic beads, which spared me from having to string them all individually. I took a lot of the individual crystals from another chandelier I had in stock. The arms came from an existing chandelier as well.

I put together a video showing the progression of the build. Though straightforward, it was a very time-consuming prop. Towards the end, I got help from Lisa Bledsoe and DeDe Farrell with attaching all the crystals and getting it wired.

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  1. That chandelier looks stunning! I remember being so fascinated with my grandmother’s chandelier as a little girl. I used to wake up early and watch the rainbows that would appear when the sunlight hit the crystals in the morning. I have always wanted a chandelier like that since. Maybe I’ll end up making my own like this! http://www.electrolight.ca/en/chandeliers.html

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