Santa Fe Opera

The roof of the Santa Fe Opera
The roof of the Santa Fe Opera

I’ve spent three summers at the Santa Fe Opera as a props carpenter. It’s a great place to build props and expand your skills, and the shows they produce are top-notch. I would definitely encourage any beginning props people to apply to their apprentice program.

Below are some links to news articles that tell some more about the props shop at the Santa Fe Opera.

Slideshow: The Santa Fe Opera Prop Shop

A slideshow produced by the Santa Fe New Mexican. It looks behind the scenes of the prop shop during the 2007 season, when I worked there as a props carpenter. I’m not in any of the photos, but you can see a cart I built for La Boheme.

Santa Fe Opera Tales: Too Wet, Too Dry

This article focuses on Randy Lutz, the head of props there, and the problems he faces with doing outdoor theatre.

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  1. you need to come up with a word that describes prop people. I mean, other than that. For instance, “proppers” (The proppers took their props to the shop) or “propple” (The good propple were careful not to piss off the stage director).

    p.s. the ad by goodle is trying to sell me a hyundai in santa fe. they have “info from experts” and reviews and photos. fyi.

  2. I know, I keep referring to them as “props people” or a “props person”. I’ve heard “prop tart” used, but that’s a little cutesy for everyday use. Maybe “propist”, or if you’re Catholic, “prapist”. I do like “propple”, though.

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