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Theatrical Ads from a Hundred Years Ago

I’ve been finding a lot of great advertisements for theatrical property companies and other related businesses from The Julius Cahn-Gus Hill Theatrical Guide and Moving Picture Directory. These ads appeared between 1898 and 1913. It’s a fascinating snapshot of the theatrical business scene in New York City from a century ago. I also love the style of the ads themselves, with their odd mix of formality and flair.

Morse Company Theatrical Properties, 1903

Turner Prop Storage

Douthitt Set Dressing

Gebhardt, props

Perry, Ryer and Co Imports

Prof. Dare Inventor

I like the previous man’s name: Professor Dare. In addition to prop-related businesses, I’ve also found some interesting ones for scenery studios and scenic artists.

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Wednesday Link-i-mage

This week, we have a visual link-o-rama, focusing on sites with vintage advertisements, posters, and other ephemera. Sometimes, you need to find historically accurate ads for props, other times, you can use them as research sources for your period.

Vintage Advertising group on Flickr

A sprawling hodgepodge of advertising and packaging pictures.

Sprite Matchbook Art, 1960s
Sprite Matchbook Art, 1960s, originally uploaded by Roadsidepictures

Vintage Ad Browser

A very large and very organized repository of ad images.

Budweiser is a friend of mine
Budweiser is a friend of mine, originally uploaded by fidgetrainbowtree

Vintage Ads

A stream-of-consciousness parade of advertisements throughout the years.

Woodbine Blend Dry Cider
Woodbine Blend Dry Cider

The Nifty Fifties

Ads, posters, and photographs from the 1950s.

1951 - Science Discovered It
1951 - Science Discovered It, originally uploaded by clotho98

33 Ephemera Collections on Flickr

originally uploaded by Sara1973
originally uploaded by Sara1973

Flickr is an incredible source for scans of ephemera from all eras. There is so much to find on there. One of my dreams is to somehow organize and catalog all of this; until then, all I can give you is a somewhat ordered list of things I’ve found. Remember that this only represents a sliver of a portion of what’s available on the internet.

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