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Finding a Job in Film (for Prop Makers)

If you ask ten prop makers how they began building props for film, you will get ten different answers. It usually involves some combination of luck, timing, and knowing the right person. While theatre has seasonal employment, apprenticeships and internships which you can find advertised as well as job fairs which feature employers that regularly hire prop people, the world of film has no such thing. You can’t learn about it in a book (believe me—I’ve looked). So how do you get started?

I also want to add that I am writing this as I figure it out; I am pretty much a prop maker for theatre, and my film credits are, well… I haven’t done any film. But this is similar to how I began to get work in the display and exhibition world, and that kept me fairly well employed for a few years. So if any of may readers have advice to add, I’m sure all of us, myself included, will be grateful for it.

To start, find out where the props are being built. Continue reading Finding a Job in Film (for Prop Makers)

Theatrical Ads from a Hundred Years Ago

I’ve been finding a lot of great advertisements for theatrical property companies and other related businesses from The Julius Cahn-Gus Hill Theatrical Guide and Moving Picture Directory. These ads appeared between 1898 and 1913. It’s a fascinating snapshot of the theatrical business scene in New York City from a century ago. I also love the style of the ads themselves, with their odd mix of formality and flair.

Morse Company Theatrical Properties, 1903

Turner Prop Storage

Douthitt Set Dressing

Gebhardt, props

Perry, Ryer and Co Imports

Prof. Dare Inventor

I like the previous man’s name: Professor Dare. In addition to prop-related businesses, I’ve also found some interesting ones for scenery studios and scenic artists.

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Midweek Link Roundup

Still recovering from my trip out west. Enjoy other people’s webpages for the day:

Friday Link-o-Rama

I thought I’d do a roundup of some of the links I’ve come across; you may have noticed some of them appearing in the sidebar on the webpage.

Also, I’m getting married tomorrow, so I don’t have time to do a whole post!

  • Stagelink – A large directory of theatre and entertainment people, suppliers, and news.
  • Blue Room Technical Forum – A UK-based forum for backstage theatre, including a whole forum devoted to props.
  • The Producer’s Perspective – Ken Davenport has produced a number of Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, including Blithe Spirit, Altar Boyz, and You’re Welcome America with Will Ferrell. This is his blog.
  • Mask Makers Web – A community of online mask-making resources, including a forum and plenty of links.