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Wooden Ratchet Noisemaker: Video

Back in 2009, I made a wooden ratchet noisemaker for a show. The prop was cut. Then they wanted one for a show the next year, so I gave it to them in rehearsal; it was cut again. I published a nice Instructable showing how it was made and that was that.

I recently built a whole bunch more, so this time I shot a video of the process. I redesigned them a bit; they no longer have bolts and pegs in the body, relying instead on glue to keep them together permanently.

How to make a wooden ratchet

I published my first Instructable. It’s for a wooden ratchet noise maker I made for the upcoming production of Twelfth Night at the Public Theatre’s “Shakespeare in the Park.”

Here is the research image I was given to work from. The tutorial follows below. Don’t worry, it’s not a movie; sound isn’t going to start blaring if you push “play”.

Wooden Ratchet Noise MakerMore DIY How To Projects

Instructables just began allowing you to embed your projects in other websites. You can look at the whole thing above. Personally, I think it looks weird, but you can follow the link to the actual page for the best experience. Once there, you can also download the whole thing as a PDF.

If you’ve never been to Instructables before, now’s a great time to check it out. If you’ve never made an Instructable before, I highly recommend it; it’s such a great and intuitive way to share tutorials. Finally, if you’ve made an Instructable you think would be of interest to props people, let me know and I’ll share it on this blog.