Weirdest Prop Ever

I’m driving down to North Carolina today for a week-long trip so I’ll have less time to blog this week.

So instead, I’ll open the conversation up to my readers. What’s the strangest prop you’ve ever had to build?

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4 thoughts on “Weirdest Prop Ever”

  1. One of my strangest was for a friend’s comedy troop show. He needed a newborn baby holding a gun that would swing down from between a “pregnant” characters legs on the umbilical cord like Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

    Although it was a quick and dirty, no budget, found object creation done as a favor, it still stands out as one of the oddest things I ever been asked to make. Here’s a link to a picture of it

  2. Wow, I haven’t even heard anyone else’s “weirdest prop”, but I think you’re in the lead with this one, Dave. The photograph of it on your blog is hilarious.

  3. I’ve made not one, but TWO giant pairs of crazy-looking scissors as costume props. I don’t know how I ended up choosing two of the few (or only) costumes which involve giant scissors as weaponry, but somehow, it’s happened.

    The first pair was functional, in that they opened and closed…

    The second wasn’t. I want to remake them so they will be.

    So yeah, I have two pair of giant scissors kickin around the house. You know. No biggie.

    But they’re certainly no gun-toting dangling baby… :p

  4. A few years ago I made a “sexy” Heisman Trophy for a play called “Poona the #^ck Dog and Other Plays for Children”. I based the design on the classic Heisman, changed the statue to resemble the lead actress in her football uniform and dog makeup.

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